AGE Recognition Awards – AGE

AGE Recognition Awards

GPA Leadership Excellence in Person-Centred Care

These annual awards recognize the commitment of organizations that have implemented the Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA®) in Dementia Care curriculum with extraordinary effort and outcomes. In the 2016 | 2017 year we had 18 award recipients. 4 achieved the award with distinction (see below). All those who received an award are presented below. Click on the individual links to learn more about how GPA is making a difference at the point of care.

We thank all of the wonderful organizations and passionate GPA Certified Coaches across Canada for their commitment to GPA dementia education for staff and students. And remember! We want to hear about GPA in your organization — apply for the ‘GPA Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care.’ Award submissions begin in early spring each  year … watch our website and social media platforms for the annual announcement.

The Ottawa Hospital, Ontario

GPA Leadership Excellence ‘with distinction’ 

The Ottawa Hospital’s policies on delirium, restraints and sitter use incorporate the GPA concepts of de-escalation management from a non-pharmalogical approach.

R. K. MacDonald Nursing Home, Nova Scotia

GPA Leadership Excellence ‘with distinction’

The RK’s approach to GPA sustainability includes one-on-one GPA coaching, developing GPA mentors and regular staff meetings to discuss care approaches. 

Guelph General Hospital, Ontario

GPA Leadership Excellence ‘with distinction’

In 2017, the hospital rolled out a 3-year plan to train all frontline staff in GPA as part of its strategic goal of  ‘reducing preventable harm to staff.’

St. Joseph's Health Centre, Ontario North

GPA Leadership Excellence ‘with distinction’

“Our organization’s commitment to training all staff members in GPA has not only boosted their confidence and skill set but is also teaching them to provide person-centred care to our deserving residents.” 

– Angela Gilchrist, Program Coordinator