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AGE as a Social Enterprise | Meeting a need that serves the greater good

For organizations thinking about becoming a social enterprise, we hope this blog is helpful.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a social enterprise is an organization that uses a for-profit business model to achieve very specific social objectives. These objectives must be the business’s primary purpose. Not all social enterprises are not-for-profit and not all not-for-profits are social enterprises. What we all have in common is a fundamental desire to make the world a better place. AGE has a foot in both worlds … Read the full blog here

The holidays are about moments as well as memories

This time of year, we celebrate the things that make our lives meaningful and fulfilling — time with family and friends, shared memories and giving gifts to those we love. The holidays are often a nostalgic time, too. We reminisce about holidays past and the memories flood in. Although people suffering from dementia may not retain holiday memories, taking part in special holiday moments still matters.

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