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AT CGNA2021, AGE Inc. presented on evaluations of our new GPA Bathing Program due out later this year …

Presented by AGE’s Dr. Victoria McLelland at the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (#CGNA2021) Biennial Conference in April, 2021. View our presentation from CGNA.

For people living with dementia, bathing can be a confusing and frightening experience, and this fear and confusion is often expressed in the form of responsive behaviours. Healthcare providers (HCPs) struggle with knowing how best to support people with bathing-related responsive behaviours, especially in the context of limited resources and difficulties with effective communication. Many HCPs end up feeling alone and unprepared when faced with bathing a person living with dementia.

AGE Inc. developed two Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Bathing eLearning units to strengthen care providers’ knowledge, confidence and skill in providing person-centred, evidence-informed bathing care. The suitability and effectiveness of these units was pilot-tested with Mississauga Halton Behavioural Supports Ontario staff in long-term and community care. View our poster to learn more.

AGE’s GPA Bathing Program is due out later this year. Learn more about this program in this one-page flyer.

6 Things I’ve Learned about Leading in a Pandemic

Latest AGE Blog, by April Morganti, AGE Executive Director.

There are no books we can reach for as leaders to help guide teams in this pandemic. As a Licensed Crucial Conversations® practitioner and cognitive coach, it has helped to use my skills for communicating when stakes are high and emotions run strong. However, there is nothing like personal experience as teacher. During this crisis, some significant things have become clear to me on how to lead well. I thought I’d share them with you in this blog. Read my blog here.

Congratulations to Patti Boucher, AGE Executive Director, on her Retirement

Patti Boucher retires at the end of this week after a very successful and rewarding 42-year career in healthcare, initially nursing at the point-of-care and for the last 25 years in senior healthcare leadership positions.

The AGE team thanks Patti for her steadfast belief in the importance of dementia education for staff at the point-of-care and her careful stewardship of AGE’s growth and success over the past five years. As she begins this exciting new stage in life we wish her happiness (and time to sit down to write the rest of that family recipe book she’s been itching to complete!)

Patti reflects on her time at AGE, including its growth and success as a social enterprise, with thank-yous to AGE’s partners and stakeholders. Read her Goodbye Blog here.

(Photo: Patti speaks at the ORCA Road Show)




Stories of Hope and Joy


The AGE Blog, Winter 2018 | 2019

There is no one person, program, policy, practice or quick fix for the complex issues of dementia care. Rather, the solutions live in a collaboration focused on education, with a person-centred approach at its core. In the season of hope and as a new year approaches, we thought we’d share some stories of hope and joy from the point of care — all of them achieved through collaboration. Click here to read our Winter Blog.



There is no one person, program, policy, practice or quick fix for the complex issues of dementia care. Rather, solutions live in a collaboration of people, programs, policies, practices and partnerships, focused on education and with a person-centred approach at their core. During the season of hope and as a new year approaches, we’d like to share stories of hope and joy, sent to us over the past year from organizations and GPA Certified Coaches — all of them were achieved through collaboration in education. Click here to read them!

AGE as a Social Enterprise | Meeting a need that serves the greater good

For organizations thinking about becoming a social enterprise, we hope this blog is helpful.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a social enterprise is an organization that uses a for-profit business model to achieve very specific social objectives. These objectives must be the business’s primary purpose. Not all social enterprises are not-for-profit and not all not-for-profits are social enterprises. What we all have in common is a fundamental desire to make the world a better place. AGE has a foot in both worlds … Read the full blog here