• What is Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA®) in Dementia Care?
    • GPA is an evidence-based, innovative, quality care program for interdisciplinary staff and students across multiple health care sectors. GPA re-frames challenging behaviour to be interpreted as self-protective or responsive behaviour occurring as a result of unmet needs, encouraging staff to assess the meaning behind behaviour and work alongside the person with dementia.
  • What are the prerequisites for taking GPA?
    • GPA is designed for staff and students of all disciplines working with older adults who meet the following criteria.*
      • 18+ years of age
      • Enrolled in/have graduated from an allied health care program at a recognized educational institution in Canada, and;
      • Currently working for/seeking employment in dementia care or a related field.
      • *Please note: volunteers and family members are not eligible to take GPA.
  • What GPA course should I take?
    • If you have never taken GPA before: you must take GPA Basics.
    • If you have taken GPA Basics before: it is recommended that you participate in GPA-Recharged annually, as well as GPA Basics every 3-4 years. Click here to view our renewal schedule.
  • Is GPA offered online?
    • GPA eLearning Program is currently offered to a select audience including college/adult learning institutions health care programs and as a prerequisite for GPA Certified Coach Training. For more information about access to the eLearning Program please contact info@ageinc.ca
  •  How can I sign-up for GPA?
    • GPA is based on an in-house champion model, whereby we recommend that staff and students take GPA within their educational institution or workplace so that they have ongoing support and mentorship in building and sustaining a culture of person-centred care.
      • If you have GPA Certified Coaches within your organization: speak with your Supervisor about when your organization plans to hold its next GPA Basics education session(s).
      • If you do not have GPA Certified Coaches within your organization: speak with your Supervisor about the possibility of training 2 internal GPA Certified Coaches at an upcoming GPA Certified Coach Training Workshop. This would allow your organization to implement GPA organization-wide to promote, enhance and sustain a culture of person-centred care.
      • If your organization is unable to train in-house GPA Certified Coaches: you may register for GPA Basics through AGE Inc. Click here to view our calendar of upcoming GPA Basics education sessions.
  • Where is GPA offered?
    • If taken within your organization: GPA is offered at many organizations Canada-wide.
    • If taken through AGE Inc.: AGE Inc. currently only offers GPA through its head office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Do I have to update my GPA certificate?
    • In order to stay up-to-date with GPA principles, AGE Inc. recommends that you follow the renewal schedule outlined below:

  • Is GPA available as part of a certificate program?
    • GPA Basics is part of the Geriatric Certificate Program (GCP). Graduates receive a McMaster University Certificate of Continuing Education. For more information about enrolling in the Geriatric Certificate Program, click here.
  • Who can I contact for further information on GPA?
    • First, contact your internal GPA Certified Coach. If your internal GPA Certified Coach is unable to answer your question(s), please contact AGE Inc. for further information.