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GPA Certified Coach Training

Can I be a GPA Certified Coach?

GPA Certified Coaches may be staff in small or large organizations specializing in dementia and/or health care that have an agreement with Advanced Gerontological Education (AGE) Inc. to facilitate Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) education sessions for staff or students. GPA Certified Coach candidates are certified after successful completion of the GPA Certified Coach Training Workshop, and must agree to deliver and support the GPA curriculum according to standards established by the GPA Advisory Committee for all GPA education sessions. GPA Certified Coach materials include streamlined manuals, as well as educational and supportive tools. See below for what’s involved and how to register for GPA Certified Coach training …

GPA Fact Sheet GPA Certified Coach Training Outline


15 hours plus GPA eLearning


2 GPA Certified Master Coaches


At the time of online registration, you will be required to briefly outline the following information:

  • Experience in dementia care, geriatric care, or a related field
  • Experience in teaching
  • Relevant job role and ongoing relationship with recipients of GPA education sessions
  • Completion of GPA eLearning
    Please email for instructions on accessing GPA elearning as a GPA Coach certification requirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE! You are not permitted to charge fees for providing the GPA Curriculum as a GPA Certified Coach – education is part of your job responsibility.

Completion Requirements

100% attendance, skills and teaching demonstration


2-year certification


40 teaching hours/2 years (including up to 10 hours professional development) $100 renewal fee

Standard Price

Virtual Workshop $950 (plus taxes) attendee

In-Person  $1,100 (plus taxes) attendee

Course Content

  • GPA Basics
  • GPA Activities
  • Practice Facilitation Exercise
  • Adult Learning Principles

Course Materials

Instructional Manual, slide presentations with embedded media, supportive video demonstrations, and other online tools