GPA Renewal Schedule – AGE

GPA Renewal Schedule

Stay Fresh and Informed! Renew Your GPA Learning on a Regular Basis

The GPA Curriculum Renewal Schedule outlines the recommended renewal process to keep healthcare providers up-to-date with GPA principles. We are constantly researching and evaluation and we include our findings in every new edition of GPA. With both an introductory GPA Basics program as well as a GPA-Recharged program, GPA is designed to foster an ongoing person-centered approach to care across all organizations. Renewing your GPA learning takes very little time but as you know, it makes a very BIG difference in your confidence and the quality of care you are able to provide. Follow the schedule of renewal (chart) below.

Please note:

  • GPA Basics is a prerequisite for GPA-Recharged.
  • Participants are recommended to take a GPA-Recharged refresher annually, up to three years.
  • Three years after participating in GPA Basics, it is recommended that a participant repeat GPA Basics.