Spotlight on Fleming College where students LOVE GPA! – AGE

Spotlight on Fleming College where students LOVE GPA!

Congratulations Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario, winner of a 2016 | 2017 GPA Leadership Excellence in Person-Centred Care award. GPA® has been part of the curriculum at Fleming’s School of Health and Wellness since 2010. Its principles and practice are taught to all PSW students within the first 7 weeks. Find out what students and employers are saying about GPA.

Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care (GPA®)
GPA is a multi-disciplinary evidence-based dementia care curriculum that equips point-of-care providers and students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply a respectful, person-centred approach when interacting with older adults with dementia. To date, Advanced Gerontological Education (AGE), developer of GPA, has trained 3,074 GPA Certified Coaches who have gone on to deliver the program to more than 288,000+ healthcare providers and students in more than 1,700 Canadian organizations.

Together, we are enhancing the care of older Canadians. Thank you Fleming College and your students for your passion for GPA’s person-centred model of care.