dementia – AGE

New Study finds that GPA is one of the few interventions to improve nursing care in Canadian hospitals that had significant evaluation research on its effectiveness and sustainability.


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Interventions to Improve the Nursing Care of People with Dementia in Canadian Hospitals: An Environmental Scan. Moody, E.1,  Jamieson, H.1, Bradbury, K.1, Rothfus, M.2,  Khanna, I.1, Weeks, L.1,  Belliveau, A.3, Bilski, T.1. School of Nursing, Dalhousie University. 2. W.K Kellogg Health Science Library, Dalhousie University. 3. Dementia Family Advisor, Halifax, NS, Canada. 4 Professional Practice Lead-Interprofessional Practice & Learning, Nova Scotia Health, Canada.