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AGE Presents at CGNA 2023 in Niagara Falls, Ontario

AGE presented at CGNA 2023 in Niagara Falls on April 20th, 21st, and 22nd. MIchele Bliss, AGE Clinical Education Specialist and Phyllis Fehr, International Dementia Advocate and Person Living with Dementia presented, “Focus on the Person. Exploring an Advocate’s Viewpoint about Education in the Context of Responsive Behaviour.”

Michele also presented“Beyond the Pivot. Processes for Certifying GPA Certified Coaches and Certified Master Coaches in a Virtual World.”

Dr. Victoria McLelland, AGE Research Coordinator, presented evaluation findings from a pilot of the new GPA Bathing Curriculum, “Introducing Units 1 – 4 of a GPA Bathing eLearning program to increase confidence among final-year nursing students caring for persons living with dementia.” This pilot was carried out with the assistance of Toronto Metropolitan University, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, final-year students.

Angel Wang, AGE Interim Research Coordinator, presented a poster on the evaluations of GPA Bathing in the CGNA Exhibit Hall.

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New Study finds that GPA is one of the few interventions to improve nursing care in Canadian hospitals that had significant evaluation research on its effectiveness and sustainability.


Go directly to our website to read the Executive Summary and see the Poster (see the dark blue checkerboard  on “AFFILIATED RESEARCH”)


Interventions to Improve the Nursing Care of People with Dementia in Canadian Hospitals: An Environmental Scan. Moody, E.1,  Jamieson, H.1, Bradbury, K.1, Rothfus, M.2,  Khanna, I.1, Weeks, L.1,  Belliveau, A.3, Bilski, T.1. School of Nursing, Dalhousie University. 2. W.K Kellogg Health Science Library, Dalhousie University. 3. Dementia Family Advisor, Halifax, NS, Canada. 4 Professional Practice Lead-Interprofessional Practice & Learning, Nova Scotia Health, Canada.