Spotlight on St. Joseph’s Health Centre of Sudbury … GPA Leadership Excellence in Person-Centred Care

AGE congratulates St. Joseph’s Health Centre on receiving a 2016 | 2017 GPA Leadership Excellence in Person-Centred Care award with distinction. The award recognizes the Centre’s extraordinary commitment to the integration of Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) into its organizational policy and processes, as reflected in their award submission.

Find out how St. Joseph’s is documenting GPA practice and principles across their organization. What are staff members saying about their experience with GPA? How is GPA affecting patient outcomes? Learn more


About Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care (GPA®)

GPA is a multi-disciplinary evidence-based dementia care curriculum that equips health care providers, students and volunteers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply a respectful, person-centred approach when interacting with older adults with dementia. To date, Advanced Gerontological Education (AGE) has trained 3,074 GPA Certified Coaches who have delivered the program to more than 288,000 healthcare providers and students in 1,700+ organizations across Canada. Together, we are enhancing the care of older Canadians. We thank St. Joseph’s Health Centre of Sudbury, Ontario for their heartfelt commitment to GPA.