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About GPA

GPA education is for EVERYONE who works with older adults

What is GPA Basics?

GPA Basics is an innovative dementia care education curriculum based on a person-centred care approach. Designed for interdisciplinary point of care staff across healthcare sectors, GPA Basics is delivered as four modules over a 7.5-hour day. It is available in an in-person classroom option and in some organizations it may also be available in a virtual (online) option. The session is evidence-based, interactive and practical. Two GPA Certified Coaches guide participants to fully understand responsive behaviours in order to be able to respond effectively and appropriately in a workplace setting. GPA Basics also includes respectful self-protective and gentle redirection technique for use in situations of risk (Module 4). See the course outline on the grey text panel farther below. NOTE: The GPA Basics Manual required for this course costs $23.10 plus applicable taxes.

What is Integrated GPA?

Integrated GPA (iGPA) is our blended GPA learning program, a flexible alternative to GPA Basics. It consists of a half day of GPA eLearning followed by a half-day of in-classroom learning ( traditional or virtual online classroom option available) that builds on your eLearning and takes place no more than a few weeks after the eLearning session. To learn more about iGPA, including a course outline, follow the link below. NOTE: Integrated GPA (iGPA) includes an eManual.

Learn more about iGPA

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Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer que les matériels pédagogiques de la 3e Édition d’Approches Douces et Persuasives(ADPMD) sont maintenant disponibles en français et que vous pouvez les commander en ligne.

Points Saillant de l’ADP_4e


7.5 hours (one (1) 7.5-hour day)


2 GPA Certified Coaches

Target Learner

Care providers in a professional setting, including students enrolled at a recognized educational institution.


  • Potential or current job role includes interaction with persons with dementia, or proof of registration for course completion in a health related field
  • 18 years of age or older

Completion Requirements

100% attendance (Certificate of Participation provided)


GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) refresher, annual renewal recommended

Standard Cost

With in-house coach delivery. The GPA Basics Manual required for this course costs $23.10 plus applicable taxes.

Course Content

  • Delivery supported by slide presentations including updated whiteboard animations and embedded video, as well as interpersonal activities and case-based scenarios
  • Introduction to dementia and person-centred care
  • Overview of the relationship between the disease process and a person’s behavioural response
  • Application of emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies to prevent and diffuse responsive behaviours
  • Suitable and respectful protective techniques to use in situations of risk