GPA-Recharged – AGE


Give us an “R” for Recharge!

GPA-Recharged helps keep GPA principles top of mind in your person-centred approach to care

NOTE: GPA-Recharged sessions are site-specific, taught by an in-house GPA Certified Coach and not available within the community.

GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) education sessions offer a two-hour interactive review of the Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Basics program. Designed as a GPA knowedge and skills refresher for participants who have completed GPA Basics within the prior two years. Delivered by a GPA Certified Coach, GPA-R enhances the skill set learned in GPA Basics, allowing participants to continue to provide compassionate, person-centred, and self-protective care in a workplace setting. Participants work together as a team to complete learning activities, discuss current care situations, and engage in solution finding for some of the complex scenarios that take place in your care setting (more details below).

GPA Recharged Course Outline


2 hours (one (1) 2-hour session, or two (2) 1-hour sessions)


GPA Certified Coach

Target Learner

Care providers in a professional setting who have previously participated in GPA Basics (or the former Student Edition)


  • Potential or current job role includes interaction with persons living with dementia
  • GPA Basics (or the former Student Edition) within the prior two years
  • 18 years of age or older

Completion Requirements

100% attendance (completion card provided)


GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) refresher, annual renewal recommended

Standard Cost

$6 / manual

Course Content

  • Review of key GPA Basics principles from all four modules
  • Review of the SPEED model and the 8 A’s of dementia
  • Review of personal space, triggers, and verbal redirection strategies
  • Review of self-protective and gentle redirection physical techniques
  • Group Applied Practice scenarios