GPA-Recharged – AGE


Give us an “R” for Recharge!

GPA-Recharged helps keep GPA principles top of mind in your person-centred approach to care

NOTE: GPA-Recharged sessions are site-specific, taught by an in-house GPA Certified Coach and not available within the community.

GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) education sessions offer a two-hour interactive review of the Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Basics program. Designed as a refresher for participants who have completed GPA Basics (or the former Student Edition) within the prior two years. Delivered by a GPA Certified Coach, GPA-R enhances the skill set learned in GPA Basics, allowing participants to continue to provide compassionate, person-centred, and self-protective care in a workplace setting. What does a GPA-R session involve? (See below).

GPA Recharged Course Outline


2 hours (one (1) 2-hour session, or two (2) 1-hour sessions)


GPA Certified Coach

Target Learner

Care providers in a professional setting who have previously participated in GPA Basics (or the former Student Edition)


  • Potential or current job role includes interaction with persons with dementia
  • GPA Basics (or the former Student Edition) within the prior two years
  • 18 years of age or older

Completion Requirements

100% attendance (completion card provided)


GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) refresher, annual renewal recommended

Standard Cost

$6 / manual

Course Content

  • Review of key GPA Basics principles from all four modules
  • Review of the SPEED model and the 8 A’s of dementia
  • Review of personal space, triggers, and verbal redirection strategies
  • Review of self-protective and gentle redirection physical techniques
  • Group Applied Practice scenarios