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GPA eLearning

What is GPA eLearning?

GPA eLearning is available in English and in French.

GPA eLearning is an adapted version of our standard GPA Basics Education curriculum. It allows participants to learn at their own pace, at times that are personally convenient. GPA eLearning guides participants to better understand dementia and its responsive behaviours in order to respond effectively, respectfully and safely in the health care setting.

IMPORTANT! GPA eLearning is not intended to replace the full-day GPA Basics curriculum. The GPA Certified Coach Delivery Model is the preferred/recommended method.

What are the timelines to complete the GPA eLearning program?

The program must be completed within 4 weeks from start date. For the most integrated, immersive experience, we recommend finishing the course in one session (2 to 3 hours).

Evaluations of GPA eLEARNING

AGE has done extensive evaluations of its GPA eLearning program in the clinical setting and conducted feedback/focus groups with both post-secondary and healthcare sector participants. Go to the AGE Research Hub for more detailed information.

NOTE TO ORGANIZATIONS: An affordable annual Licensing Option for eLearning is available. Contact us (see link below) for more information.

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Approximately 2 to 3 hours


Online learning does not require a facilitator.

A Technical Support number is made available on-screen during the program in the event of technical glitches while the program is running.

Target Learners

College or university students, those enrolled in an accredited Adult Education program in the healthcare field as well as all care providers caring for older adults and/or persons with dementia.


The GPA eLearning program is available to all care providers who are caring for older adults and/or persons with dementia.

Completion Requirements

100% completion of all modules (eLearning Certificate of Participation provided upon completion)


GPA-Recharged (GPA-R) refresher is an annual program renewal. GPA-Recharged is only available in an organizational setting that supports an in-house GPA Certified Coach.

Standard Cost

$94.50 per participant (plus applicable taxes).

Group discounts are available for organizations who wish to register a group of students. Download the GPA eLearning Flyer (see button above) for more information on pricing.

Course Content

Delivery facilitated through a series of online video tutorials covering the 4 GPA Basics modules:

  1. Introduction to dementia and person-centred care
  2. Overview of the relationship between the disease process and a person’s behavioural response
  3. Application of emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies to recognize, prevent and defuse responsive behaviours
  4. Suitable and respectful self-protective techniques to use in situations of risk