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Integrated GPA

What is Integrated GPA?

A NEW blended learning initiative in two parts!

Integrated GPA (also known as iGPA) combines independent eLearning (Part 1) with a classroom session led by a GPA Certified Coach (Part 2).

iGPA was designed to give organizations and higher-learning institutions a flexible option for accessing and scheduling dementia education. It fits busy schedules, can reduce backfill costs and alleviate scheduling logistics. iGPA is an ideal format for training large groups quickly and efficiently, ensuring swift transfer of knowledge into practice at the point of care. iGPA was designed with a multidisciplinary approach, making it ideal for all staff, healthcare students and healthcare volunteers.

Is iGPA equivalent to GPA Basics?

Yes. Just like GPA Basics, iGPA upholds GPA principles and maintains AGE’s commitment to high-quality evidence-based learning that gives participants the skills, knowledge and confidence they need for successful outcomes in the dementia care setting.

Who can take iGPA?

iGPA is currently available to organizations and institutions that have an in-house GPA Certified Coach. That Coach must be approved by AGE to deliver GPA in the new blended learning format. 

How do I access iGPA?

Currently, access to iGPA requires a group licensing agreement with AGE. For more information on accessing iGPA for your group or training your own GPA Certified Coach, email

Want more details on iGPA?

For an overview of iGPA Parts 1 and 2, review the section farther below.

For additional details, including learning objectives, group pricing and FAQs, download the iGPA Flyer (orange button, top of column).

New to GPA? Visit the section titled About GPA on our website.


Independent eLearning (Part 1)

GPA eLearning is an adapted version of our standard GPA Basics curriculum. Participants are guided to better understand responsive behaviours associated with dementia in order to interact effectively, respectfully and safely in the care setting. Participants learn at their own pace at times that are personally convenient.

GPA eLearning includes key content from our 4-module (7.5-hour) GPA Basics education session, delivered via short video tutorials. Learning is based on adult learning principles and designed to be engaging and motivating, enriched through vibrant graphics and professional narration. To ensure strong knowledge retention and continuity in learning, participants must take the follow-up classroom session (Part 2) within two weeks.

Session Time: 2 – 3-1/2 hours.

Want to learn more about eLearning? Download the iGPA flyer.

Classroom Session (Part 2)

The classroom session (in-person or virtual classroom option) is an important part of the GPA learning experience because it allows participants to put their learning into practice. Led by a GPA Certified Coach, the session gives participants the opportunity to review and apply the GPA principles, strategies and techniques from their eLearning (Part 1). Participants engage in partner and small-group activities, creative solution finding and role playing/practice scenarios.

Session Time: 3 hours.

Want to learn more about learning in the classroom? Download the iGPA Flyer.

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